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clara breen: paper and silver jewelry

In this fast moving, disposable world, keeping and collecting fragments from our experiences is important, but how can we do it without clutter, and with style? Clara Breen offers one option with her contemporary paper and sterling silver keepsake jewelry.

Keenly aware that we all have a pile of paper bits stashed somewhere that carry emotional content,¬†Breen “uses fragments of found paper reflecting everyday experiences, combined with silver, to create bold strata-like constructions.”



She uses rivets to combine the materials, often corrugating the metal first.

She has been commissioned to create jewelry using treasured papers, including a paper ring for a couple who were moving to New Zealand. The ring was made using maps of their journey and fragments of love letters – the content was hidden inside the ring and only the couple knew what was inside.


Breen has begun to make framed, recycled paper compositions for the wall – quite lovely – can you imagine one of these made with paper mementos from your life?


Clara Breen’s website




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