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amber cowan’s recycled glass sculpture

She might only be 30 years old, but Amber Cowan has been working with glass consistently for more than ten years and it shows.

Peach Blow Away
recycled peachblow glass melted  and pulled into rods used to flamework

Peach Blow Away, detail

Cowan, who recently completed an MFA in Glass from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, flameworks recycled or found glass from the 1940’s-1970’s.

Basket, flameworked recycled Fenton glass, mixed media

In Basket, the flameworking process creates a flesh-like texture and feel to the Fenton glass, which was originally designed for Easter candy dishes with rabbit and chicken lids.

Basket, detail

Prop In The House Of Livia
flameworked recycled American pressed “Milk” Glass, mixed media
In the permanent collection of The Studio of The Corning Museum of Glass

Cowan’s work is being recognized on a national level and she was recently awarded the prestigious international Stephen Proctor Fellowship in Canberra, Australia.  Cowan is one to watch.

hundreds of pieces of flameworked soft glass and recycled Fenton Glass

Grotta, detail

Milk, flameworked soft glass, recycled Fenton glass

Amber Cowan on the cover of the latest issue of Glass Line magazine

“My work involves process driven creation using repetition and manipulation of simple forms. Through delicate and natural transactions during the glass making process, I create painterly compositions by manipulating minimal forms. The forms selected subtly reference femininity but through viral repetition create compositions that reference natural phenomenon, tension, and accrual.”

Amber Cowan’s website



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  1. Susan, What a pleasant surprise. Your selections are both wonderful and informed, especially featuring Amber Cowan’s work. Amber’s approach to art making in glass is highly personal and innovative.The future is in good hands. Paul Stankard

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