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jenine shereos: creating art one strand at a time

I enjoy sharing the work of artists who rise above the chatter often heard about using materials deemed ‘credible’ by the masses.

Jenine Shereos, a sculptor and installation artist in Boston, does just that with these intricate leaves. Shereos mimics the beautiful veining that often shows itself best in decaying leaves by wrapping, stitching and knotting strands of human hair. Yes, these leaves are made from human hair.

The artist uses water soluble material as the foundation of each piece, first stitching the individual strands of hair (by hand) onto the material, then tying a minuscule knot at every intersecting point.  Every.Intersecting.Point. When she dissolves the water soluble backing material, the knots allow the leaf to hold its shape. A fascinating process.

“The complex network of lines present in this work mimics the organic patterns found in nature and speaks to the natural systems of transformation, growth and decay. Allusions to the vascular tissue of plants, as well as the vascular system of the human body, exist simultaneously; the delicate trace of a hair falling silently, imperceptibly, from one’s head becoming the veins of a leaf as it falls from a tree leaving its indelible imprint on the ground below.” Jenine Shereos

More images on Jenine Shereos’ website


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