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kevin reaves automated humanity in polymer clay and metal

Lately I feel a bit like a robot. I’m on the computer an average of 10-12 hours a day as I develop another online class (coming soon) and work on an exciting new feature for DAM. I get up, turn on the computer and go. Day in and day out. Although I LOVE what I do (really!) there are moments when I feel like a Kevin Reaves Automated Humanity robot.


End Of The Week, polymer clay, copper, wood

Primarily a metalsmith, Reaves also works with a variety of media including polymer clay. His life long love of science fiction and toys clearly influence his work.


Obsolete, polymer clay, 17″ tall

Adam, polymer clay, 18.5″ tall

Expendable Youth
copper, brass, silver, acrylic, polymer clay, plastic, steel, 19″ tall

Exit, polymer clay, copper, wood

Bellicose, copper, brass, bronze, wood, 7.5″ tall


“I use robots to create a narrative, representing people in society performing tasks or caught in situations with serious connotations. My goal is for people to look past the facade into the mirror and establish an understanding with the figure and its plight.

Sculptures are presented with recognizable items such as school chairs to allow the viewer to make connections to real world experience. The pieces are approachable, derived from simple design and geometric parts.”

Hornet Ringcopper, brass

Check out this ring – it consists of 75 parts that he connected using silver solder – the helicopter blade spins.  He calls it a “finger riding automation.”

Kevin Reaves website


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