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kate hopkins-searle’s clay shoes are quite the feat

Yes, I’ve written about it before – my disdain for shoes makes my love of shoes-as-art seem odd and out of place – but it is what it is.

I don’t like to wear them or shop for them but I am fascinated by artistic interpretations of shoes and I own a growing collection of vintage shoe forms that make me smile. It is what it is.

Kate Hopkins-Searle hand builds decorative shoes from thinly rolled slabs of clay. She manipulates sheets of clay over a form, impressing patterns with hand carved stamps, draping the clay and adding pieces that look like fabric frills, bows and rosettes. Each individual shoe takes about 10 hours to make.

“It is difficult to explain my attraction to shoes other than it seems to be something shared with many women and is a theme I have been drawn to since making paper shoes as a child. . .” Kate Hopkins-Searle

“I am fascinated by the details of embroidery and beadwork and the drape and flow of fabrics and recreating the effect of these in clay.”┬áKate Hopkins-Searle


A peek at her sketchbook here.

Kate Hopkins Searle’s website



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