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flock it – zoe robertson isn’t afraid to make mistakes

Zoe Robertson’s fascination with non-precious materials, especially those that have “a sensual and tactile quality”, led to her colorful exploration of plastics, rubber and flocking fibers. Robertson uses a wood turning lathe to further manipulate the materials and the results are BOLD.

Double Magnetic Brooches
cast resin, powder coated steel, flock fiber, magnets

“Within my teaching practice I often describe the design process as making a cake, for me this means bringing together different ingredients, mixing it all up and as a result a wonderful object is created. For me the ingredients can be visual research, various materials, a variety of processes, conversations, and ultimately a desire to make something different.” Zoe Robertson


Flocking Marvellous Neckpiece
cast resin, rubber, flock fiber, high density foam, sublimated ink, electroformed, silver plated


resin, powder coated steel, magnets, rubber, flock fiber, sublimated ink

“…This series of magnetic brooches is a visual response to the idea of two communities making a connection. This manifests itself through combinations of form, pattern, color and surface. Aerial maps were manipulated to generate bold dynamic patterns and then applied to the connecting forms by the process of sublimation thus creating a distorted reality. Contrasting surfaces of flock fiber add another dimension which overall establishes a vibrant visual aesthetic for each city…” Robertson on the Connections series of brooches.

Work In Progress


See more of her process here.

Zoe Robertson’s website

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