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miina äkkijyrkkä’s cows: real and recycled metal

It isn’t often that you see cows as the focus of an artist’s work for more than forty years. Stirring both praise and controversy, outspoken and passionate Miina Äkkijyrkkä continues to draw inspiration for her art from the cattle she raises in Finland.

The artist seated beneath one of her larger-than-life cow sculptures

Sculpture made of abandoned car parts and one of the artist’s models

The inspiration

Äkkijyrkkä studied at The School of the Fine Arts of Finland, the Dairy Farming School of North-Savo and the Equine College of Ypäj, and shares her passion for bovines through traditional sculpting, drawings, sculpting with scrap metal and more. The sculptures seen here defy reason – scrap metal that not only depicts a cow, but also suggests movement and an undeniable grace.


There is much to repair in the education of artists. If we want to put value in education, we have to do new things and open all the doors of this modern time. Electronic communication and the fast flow of media are tools that artists should be able to use. But always remember the inner fire. That is the most important thing. Without it, you are an amateur. Miina Äkkijyrkkä


Miina Äkkijyrkkä tends to her cows


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3 Responses to miina äkkijyrkkä’s cows: real and recycled metal

  1. To see these big metallic structures in the wild brings more than a surreal feeling. It makes a bold statement of originality, eccentricity and nonconformism.
    Congratulations to Miina for creating such daring sculptures!

  2. I adore these! Can’t even begin to comprehend the vision that it takes to bring about something so large and so pieced together yet completely whole and that speaks so clearly.

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