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bart soutendijk undresses the object

“Making a line drawing of an object is like undressing it. I ask myself: ‘What is it about this image that’s unique?’ Then I strip away the lines that aren’t required to convey that uniqueness. I use line to capture the feel of the image and wire emphasizes that line.”

C’est La Vie

When I read Bart Soutendijk’s description of his wire drawings I knew I wanted to share it. Seems to me that this way of thinking and acting – stripping away the things that don’t convey the uniqueness of our personality or our art – can serve us in making our lives sing as much as making our art sing.


Airport [click to enlarge]

Soutendijk re-examines each curve as he shapes the wire, not unlike, he says, the poet who carefully reviews every written word on a page. The artist’s murals are one solid line in front of a moving shadow – dramatic and effective.



Tubing [click to enlarge]

At first, wire seemed like a really great way to make large drawings on the wall without stretching yards of canvas or painting and framing big plywood panels. Then came the shadows and the way the wire bent – soft, not hard – and the drawings took on a personality. It’s that style – and wire is an integral part of it – that I’ve been growing for the past thirty years.

Jazz Funeral [click to enlarge]

Read about his process here.

Bart Soutendijk’s website

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