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yong joo kim: reconfiguring the ordinary

For as long as I can remember my mother has saved the long Velcro strips that bind vegetables she buys in the grocery store. She has always found innovative ways to re-use the little green strips and impress all of us, but I think even she is going to be pleasantly surprised with the way Yong Joo Kim has transformed this throwaway item.

“After graduation, I was left with a limited set of tools and equipments at my home studio. Given the limitations, I focused on a single material, Velcro, which can be freely cut, attached, stacked, piled, rolled, bent and sewn together with my own bare hands or by using simple hand tools. With the material at hand, I began to explore a wide variety of possibilities in form.” Yong Joo Kim



By assembling, grouping, clustering, and piling, the simple elements become complex, and give rise to the unexpected. As the wearer approaches my work, their perspectives shift and sudden realizations spark wonder, discovery, tension, joy, and play.


“Think of the velcro: a long strip of rough, bland, and industrial object, seen on shoes, bags, watches, and at the grocery store.” Yong Joo Kim

Yong Joo Kim’s website – be sure to check out Kim’s earlier work with cable ties, beans and other ordinary items from every day life.

Kim’s Online Store

She also wrote a book documenting her research and the process of this body of work.

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