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garry jones’ animal farm

After seeing what is happening with the stock market this morning I’m ready for an escape from reality. When world and local news that focuses on doom and gloom brings me down I look for a good chuckle to restore my mood. A chuckle, hearty laugh or a guffaw if I’m lucky. A good chuckle is cleansing and always welcome.


Five BAA Gate

I like Garry Jones.  He wants to make us laugh.  And he’s serious about it.  Jones’ ceramic animal sculptures are a reaction to his observations of animal behavior. He imbues the three dimensional cartoon sketches with human characteristics – a combination that works as well as the old barn wood that frames many of the wall plaques in his collection of sculptures.

“I love animals. Animals are everything to me; they are a continuous source of amusement, happiness, sadness and of course inspiration.” Garry Jones

Fancy Seeing Ewe Here

“My passions are linked to my childhood years spent in and around the Welsh countryside and culture. I have always been intrigued and entertained by everything nature and history have to offer.” Garry Jones

Garry Jones’ website


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