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jonathan fuller sea glass

When textile print designer Jonathan Fuller decided to return to his home town of Cornwall to raise his family he found that his love of the sea and his eye for color, form and texture brought new opportunities for creative expression.

No. 12, sea glass, wood

No. 24, sea glass, wood

Fuller’s grand sea glass wall sculptures are soothing studies in color, movement and scale. White painted wood panels with vertical or circular channels cut into them provide the structure for each sculpture.

I really like the vertical panels and immediately wondered if they could be made into a water fountain – wouldn’t that be cool?


No. 9, sea glass, wood

“His wall sculptures are assembled from salvaged pieces of sea glass, which are then carefully constructed into deceptively simple shapes. His color graduations are subtle and beautiful; whilst the clever placement of these small frosted shards convey a sense of movement that mirrors the sea. The resultant artworks possess a quality that is strong, pure and elemental.” From Fuller’s website

Jonathan Fuller’s website

Musings on Sea Glass

I’ve been slowly and steadily building my own collection of sea glass. While nothing quite so grand as Jonathan Fuller’s collection I am smitten with each and every piece. It has become a meditative process for me, sitting on the rock beach below the windows of my temporary home. This tiny piece of coastline, with the sound of water rushing the rocks, provides the perfect space to empty my head of worrisome thoughts and immerse myself in the mesmerizing beauty of the area. The meditation happens effortlessly as I begin to gently move rocks and pebbles around, looking for ones that inspire and delight.

This is where the magic happens.

I almost always happen upon a frosted piece of glass with round, smooth borders – no hard edges here. And I have found that where there is one piece of beach glass, there are several: white, amber, cobalt blue, blue-green, green, brown. Each shard a reminder that it is important to become so engrossed in an activity that you leave your thoughts behind.

My sea glass sits in a bottle and I usually carry a few pieces with me to give away to strangers and friends. There is much to be said for the power of transformation and to me, a small piece of sea glass is the perfect talisman of transformation.

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2 Responses to jonathan fuller sea glass

  1. Susan, You will have to plan a trip to see me here in Northern CA- we live 2 minutes from Glass Beach- a small beach that is filled with tumbled frosted glass from when a glass factory stood on the edge of the cliffs here many years ago.

  2. and I have always found that the rhythm of the ocean puts you back in sync! Those of us who live inland have to make periodic pilgrimages to find our sync again.

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