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julie vondervellen’s woven paper fashions

As a young girl I spent hours playing with paper dolls, attaching the little tabs on the paper dresses to their flat cookie cutter forms, always carefully watching because the tabs barely held the garment on as I pranced them around acting out their lives. What fun I had making up stories to go with each outfit they wore, imagining the life I might have someday.


Julie VonDerVellen’s life-size woven paper fashions take me right back to my childhood. The all-grown-up VonDerVellen has done a remarkable job crafting garments that evoke memories and spark conversations not only about play, but about that special dress or pair of shoes or jacket you had – you know the one I mean – the one you will never forget because you were wearing it when you had your first kiss, or got your first job or when you found out your grandmother died. I look forward to seeing where the artist takes this concept of memory and garment in her work.  For sure, she’s one to watch.


“The garments reveal new beginnings, tragedies, life lessons and notable achievements. Memories evoke garments; garments evoke memories.”


“Significant moments — personal stories and those of friends and families — are interwoven into handmade paper crafted from recycled cotton clothing. The paper, acting as fabric, is layered with a narrative specifically tailored to the event. The garments are re-creations of actual attire surrounding each of the significant moments.”

daMuse update

It’s been a slow and steady return to normal after a surprising setback and I am beginning to feel like myself again. For right now I am writing the DAM posts when I am able, so they have been appearing in your mailbox and RSS feeds at different times of the day and night. I hope to be back on a regular schedule soon. This experience has been humbling and each day brings a new awareness. I am grateful for your patience as I find my balance once again.

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  1. Don’t worry one little bit.
    We’re not going anywhere – we’ll be here when you’re back in the groove. Wherever that groove may be.
    Cristy in WY

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