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alan ardiff’s kinetic jewelry

I love art that moves. Figuratively speaking for sure, but also literally. Jewelry that I can play with while wearing will always appeal to my fidgety side. I’ve seen a lot of kinetic work over the years – these miniature pieces from Ireland’s Alan Ardiff are innovative and fresh.

Butterfly Kisses

Wings flap, stars spin, hearts turn and birds peck. When the chain moves through Butterfly Kisses a wing flaps up and down to reveal a flower. Ardiff uses the same concept for Hello, where the receiver jiggles as the chain moves through the miniature phone (the chain moves when you move).


He describes the collection as “jewelry that moves to move you! As your jewelry moves, heads will turn.” See one of his pendants in action below and for an even better look at his work in action watch this. Delightful.

Ring Stand, with rings

Star Grazing


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