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kyle fokken’s kinetic sculpture

I’m running late this morning – the rain kept me awake last night – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Kyle Fokken, who is fascinated with antique toys, has just the thing to wake me up. His brightly colored, distressed toy sculptures (all with working parts) speak to my playful side.

The kinetic sculptor’s small works, seen here, are his ‘bread and butter’. Made from repurposed materials, they keep him afloat financially so that he can work on the larger pieces that feed his soul. It’s a fact of life for many artists and I’ve heard several variations of this way of working from artists here in DC.

Train made from an old carved wooden shoe

Fokken often makes work in a series, explaining his logic this way:

“I refer to making pieces along a series akin to choking off the end of a garden hose in a manner that increases the force and direction of the stream. Series are a way of focusing the mind and the work.”

You can see many more of his small sculptures in this Facebook album.

Even more images – and an article about the artist – here.

Cruise around his site and the other links above – I’ve got to get ready to go to the Washington Glass Studio (see you soon guys).

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