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damuse learns slab construction

For those of you who thought it was a hoot to see me on my knees wedging clay (and you know who you are!), here’s a quick peek at something else I’ve been doing at Ani Kasten’s studio.

daMuse builds the lid for her first ceramic slab construction vessel

Ani is teaching me slab construction – next I will carve and incise the clay to add decoration. So much to learn!

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4 Responses to damuse learns slab construction

  1. Susan, I love your Daily Art Muse. I am really mad at myself for not subscribing sooner. The artists you find are so interesting, so innovative and I like immensely your comments. I, also, love what you are doing as an apprentice in various art studios. What a wonderful and adventurous thing to do. I admire you tremendously. And you sound so happy! I am so glad for you.

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