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acc show: bruce chapin

Last week I was able to spend a little time with my dear friend Ronna Weltman while she was in Baltimore for a teaching gig. Ronna and I walked the floor of the ACC show before heading to dinner for some girl talk.

The Keeper

For me, one of the standouts at the show was Bruce Chapin.. His wood sculptures and reliquary are impressive. You really do have to see these beauties up close and personal. With doors that open to reveal objects and secret compartments, each piece has a story and Chapin was eloquent and charming as he explained the stories to us.

The Keeper, open

There are no dimensions on his website for the sculptures, but I saw The Keeper at the show.  It is large (maybe 3/4 life size?) and hangs on the wall – you can’t tell that from these images. I just wanted to keep touching the white pickets on the doors (which I did) and loved opening them to find the sculptures within.

The Keeper, detail

The Accountant

Chapin with The Accountant

More from his sketchbook here

The Philosopher’s Journey
Click the image to see a movie of this piece in action.
The movie is slow in the beginning, but if you wait for it – you get to see God dance.

I will be sharing more images from my visit to the ACC show soon.

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One Response to acc show: bruce chapin

  1. Like an alignment of stars!
    The intricate work of Bruce Chapin is of a similar genre (perhaps) to the work of John Frame.

    Here in Southern California, the Huntington Library
    is about to open a new exhibition by John Frame, sculptor, animator and film maker. This theatrical exhibition will feature fully articulated sculptural figures composed of intricately carved wood and found materials created for a stop-motion animated film written, directed, photographed, and scored by John Frame.

    Thanks Bruce, John and Susan, who brings it all together!

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