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emma yeo: laser cut wood veneers

26 year old Emma Yeo’s silk, wood and suedette creations range from neckpieces and hats to sculpture.

The artist uses interlocking pieces of wood veneer that have been laser cut and inscribed. Geometric pattern meets female sensibilities.

Sculpture No. 79

Swan Necklace

In June 2010 she won the UK’s top millinery competition – quite a feat for someone who has only been making hats for two years.

Sculpture No. 73

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  1. I’ve really been enjoying your site. I’ve linked it to mine so my readers can find this. The photographs are always intriguing and the work you choose always sets fire to my imagination. Thank you for curating such a wonderful mix of beautiful and intriguing things. The lacy nature of some of these woodcuts is just breathtaking.

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