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angela cunningham’s sculpture: seductive or grotesque? both.

I’m here in Washington DC, about to meet with the artists to set my schedule for the next several weeks.


While I’m getting acclimated, ponder how Angela Cunningham’s ceramic sculpture makes you feel. Is it seductive? Grotesque? Does it draw you in? Push you away? She hopes it does both. Cunningham, an up and coming, internationally exhibited artist, is one to watch.


Bloom, detail


Spiky Nesting Set


“I make objects that beg to be touched. Through exquisite detailing, seductive surfaces, and provocative imagery, my pieces draw viewers near, desiring to caress and explore. As much as I want to seduce, though, I equally want to push away. The beauty of the object is often tempered by bits of the grotesque.” From Angela Cunningham’s artist statement on the Clay Art Center’s website.

To find out why school detention can sometimes be a good thing, read the Massachusetts artist’s story here.

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5 Responses to angela cunningham’s sculpture: seductive or grotesque? both.

  1. I would have been in trouble for touching. I know how much work went into the successful production of each of these pieces. CONGRATULATIONS on SUCCESS in their making and on the expression of your vision in your art! YEAH!

  2. my tactile curiosity is intrigued…. Visually I am reminded of things that grow in my garden. I enjoy the forms and surface treatments along with the colors used.
    I would have to respond that I find these seductive.

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