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pascal oudet’s delicate turnings

France’s Pascal Oudet has come a long way from his first job as an electrical engineer at Hewlett Packard designing computer motherboards.



Several years ago, as a break from his day job, Oudet took a woodworking workshop and he was instantly hooked. Now a full time turner and part time engineer, the artist is grateful for both careers, given today’s difficult economy.

Eggcaetera, 2.75″h x 5.5″w x 5.5″d (set), oak, chestnut
Set of three pieces

Tube, oak, turned thin, sandblasted, bleached, 3.75″ x 4″ x 8.75″

Oudet creates his signature pieces using a technique he developed, sandblasting the wood almost to transparency. He thinly turns and sandblasts the wood until most of the soft fibers fall away, leaving a delicate frame that has the appearance of filigree.

Federal Reserve

Black Dendrochronology

[the shadows cast by this piece are just beautiful – sl]

“I love the action sun, rain, frost, have on natural materials. In the mountains where I live, they create beautiful textures and colours on old wood on barns and on slate layers. All these elements reveal and emphasize the inner structure of the material, and are a great source of inspiration for me.”

Pascal Oudet’s Studio

Read an article about the artist on WoodworkersInstitute.com

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