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time in the studio with dina varano and a tip from damuse

One of the things that has become apparent as I work, talk, listen and learn from Dina is that my perception of her work is changing.  I liked her work very much before – enough to feature it on DAM last summer –  but watching her create it, being a tiny part of the process myself, seeing not only the amount of time and effort that goes into each piece, but the passion, the way her eyes light up as she talks about the importance of movement in her designs – all of this has helped me shift the way I look at it and made me realize that artists can benefit greatly from letting potential customers know them better. An artist statement isn’t always enough.  Really. Dina uses a variety of marketing materials (as most of you do) and they are a great platform for her creativity – but I want more!

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Dina Varano at work in her studio

Varano’s Philosophy Card

Dina’s philosophy card, pictured above,  is more than 15 years old – she keeps a file of all marketing materials that she has created over the years – many hand written and personal. Rumor has it that she will bring back an updated version of the popular philosophy card which speaks to her boundless curiosity and enthusiasm for life…mmm…I’m looking forward to it.

Varano as Snow Angel

My favorite is a simple card with a picture of Dina making a snow angel – her husband took the picture and it is a perfect illustration of the sense of play that is so important to her in life and work. But I still want more.

As I get to know her better,  I have come to understand just how crucial movement and play is in all of her pieces – something you don’t necessarily know when you are looking at a necklace or pair of earrings in a picture (online) or viewing them behind the glass of a display case (in her shop).

Tabletop sculpture/evening bag

I made the short animation below to show you the evening bag/table top sculpture in action. This collaboration between Dina and fellow artist Jacqueline Kangley is meant to sit on a table as a small sculpture when not in use – but when used as an elegant evening bag – it comes alive.

Evening bag (click image to see animation)

I would love to see Dina make short videos of her work and place them strategically in her shop so that customers can see her jewelry in action – they truly do sway and move in the most graceful way.

That’s my tip for you – find a way to let your customers in a little bit closer than you usually do – it makes a difference.

Send daMuse into the field

Read more about the project here.

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