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shelley jones metal and felt jewelry

Shelley Jones has ‘fallen under the spell of hand felting.’ Mmmmm…I like it.

Accustomed to making bead and wire jewelry, the recent addition of dry and wet felting as well as Precious Metal Clay bring new qualities to the work. The tactile pieces are playful, textural, with a jolt of color that I needed this Thursday morning.

“With felt, I can make bold, colorful pieces, without the sense of weight that beads and metal alone might normally produce. I use PMC to “cap” my pieces, and continue to experiment with the sculpting potential of this new form of silver.” Shelley Jones

Pod Cuff

felted over copper armature, vintage glass nail head beads

Felted Rings

Bangle With Spikes
hand felted, copper wire armature

I have always loved the feel of beads as well as the extraordinary range of their colors and textures and now exalt in combining with beads the textures and subtlety of felt.

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