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sharron parker’s handmade felt wall sculpture

Sharron Parker pays homage to the nature she loves, not by trying to capture what she sees directly, but by creating something new that celebrates the nature that inspired it.

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Capturing the Light II, Handmade Felt, 45″ x 86″ x 4″

She works with wool in a manner similar to the way that a painter works with paint. Using a few basic colors, she blends them together to create new colors – her palette is a drum carder that allows her to comb the basic wool colors together. The wall hangings, ranging in size from small, framed pieces to large-scale works more than 7 feet wide, are reminiscent of sweeping vistas, complex rock surfaces and night skies.

Rose Petal Screen, Handmade Felt, 76″ x 58″ x 34″

Tunic II, Handmade Felt, 31″ x 25″ x 3″

Raku Sky, Handmade Felt, 34″ x 42″ x 3″

Copper Traces, Handmade Felt, 28″ x 58″ x 3″

Rockface II, Handmade Felt, 31″ x 42″ x 2″

Written in Stone IV, Handmade Felt, 38″ x 49″ x 2″

I use the ancient technique of feltmaking not to capture what I’ve seen directly, but to create something new. The simplicity of the technique — combing, layering, and working dyed unspun wool in hot water until the fibers lock — allows me to work spontaneously, and often experimentally. The shape of a piece might come from a bird’s wing, the color from crystals under a microscope, a line from the sinuous edge of a pond meeting the shore, and the texture from the bark of a birch tree. I wish to celebrate nature, not to mirror it.” Sharron Parker

In the video above Parker walks us through her process. More from the artist on artful home.  [/private_archives]

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  1. love your site and look forward to receiving my daily art fix…however am having technical difficulties with the video of Sharron Parker…would really like to view it but all I see is a big black box…is there somewhere else I can go to?

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