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gwen murphy’s shoe fetish

Gwen Murphy sees shoes as a kind of fetish, which she defines as “an object believed to have magic powers to protect or aid its owner.” Shoes hold a power we don’t often think of – to transport and protect us.

The artist has always felt this connection and each time she looked at a pair of shoes she had the sense that the shoes were looking back at her – this series of sculptures is an attempt to bring out what she sees in each pair.

Sentinels, acrylics, ash clay, women’s shoes

T-Straps, acrylics, ash clay, women’s t-strap pumps

Foot Fetish #66, ash clay, acrylics, men’s shoes

Pairing acrylics and paperclay with wooden shoe lasts and recycled shoes, the sculptures are bursting with people personality, ranging from humorous to thoughtful to downright spooky.  Murphy holds an MFA in Sculpture from Boston University – her work has been exhibited nationally and is part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Art and Design, NY.

Slims, acrylics, ash clay, women’s shoes

Foot Fetish #48 and #49, acrylics, ash clay, ribbon

Foot Fetish #15, acrylics, ash clay, wooden shoe last

Nudes, acrylics, ash clay, wooden shoe lasts

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  1. I just had to smile when I saw these pieces!! I love it when artists take ordinary objects and twist the idea enough to make everyone else think outside the box…..I will never look at shoes or even shoe lasts the same way again! Just great!!

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