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chad awalt: figuratively speaking

Trees uprooted by storms continue their journey on this earth through the skilled hands of sculptor Chad Awalt.

Equipped with degrees in anatomy and physiology and woodcarving, Awalt sculpts life size human figures from the raw wood, many featuring negative spaces that suggest energy and movement.  He expertly highlights the individual markings of each tree, reminding the viewer that these markings show every event the tree has experienced over it’s lifetime…perhaps like the bodies we inhabit?

Euryte, ambrosia, maple

“Knowledge is an important part of art. An artist is trying to express an idea through visual means and must have an understanding of the physical world and how human perception works to have any success at communicating the message being expressed in the art. I find that there is a rich history in the work of artists who came before me who have demonstrated these skills. I am always trying to further my reach of artistic expression by learning from the past and understanding.” Chad Awalt

Lares II, ash

“I want there to be a sense of energy in how the negative space flows around the form. I feel this gives the work a sense of motion and energy that helps bring (it) to life. I like to think . . . that if you watch the piece for a while, it might move.” Chad Awalt

Saga, maple

Sweeping Cloud II, ash

Skymark, maple

” I believe the fundamental essence of wood allows the human figure to be demonstrated as a perfect form of nature, so expressive in its subtleties and gesture.” Chad Awalt

For more information, read this article about the artist.

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