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shalene valenzuela lets humor and irony lead the way

Humor is often a good way to draw people in as you share a more difficult message in your art.  Shalene Valenzuela’s quirky ceramic sculptures achieve this with flair and spunk.


Blending In – Very Consumed (front)

Exploring topics that range from consumer culture, societal expectations and etiquette, the artist uses imagery from advertising and vintage print material that dates back to an idealized time in our society explaining, “Beneath the shiny veneer of these relics hides a complex and sometimes contradicting truth of what things seem to appear upon first glance.”

Glued Television I

On Thin Ice II

“I am inspired by the potential of everyday common objects. I reproduce these objects primarily through slipcasting, and illustrate the surfaces with a variety of handpainted and screenprinted imagery. My narratives explore topics ranging from fairytales, urban mythologies, consumer culture, societal expectations, etiquette, and coming-of-age issues.” Shelene Valenzuela

Fact or Fiction

Paint Yourself a Perfect Picture

“Sometimes my inspirations are just pure whimsy, and I find nothing wrong with that. Rules are sometimes meant to be broken. How else are we supposed to learn?” Shelene Valenzuela

Learn more about Valenzuela (and see more images) in this interview.


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