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josé chardiet

Considered one of the leaders in the second generation of the Studio Glass movement, Cuban born José Chardiet has been a successful glass artist and teacher for more than two decades.

[nonmember]This archived post is for Members Only. Click here to become a member or to get a one day pass. If you are a member, please login to view the post. [/nonmember] [private_archives]His expertly crafted work includes vases embedded with copper wire designs and the complex combination of glass and metal sculptures seen here.  Each body of work distinctly different and yet all Chardiet. His interpretation of the family unit, as seen in the Still Life series is refreshing.

Blue Purple Dome Teapot, front and back

Earth, copper wire, glass

Red Labyrinth, front and back

Silver Teapot

Orange Gold Labyrinth


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