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yoshi aoki’s mixed media sculpture and a giveaway winner

Most artists create a design based on the material they work with – glass, ceramic, metal, paper. Yoshi Aoki turns that idea upside down by coming up with a design first and then choosing the materials to create it.

Working out of a studio in his Oregon garage, Aoki strives to “capture the essence of nature in abstract ways.” I think Aoki’s sculptures would translate well into jewelry, don’t you?

Gravity, steel, raku-fired ceramic

Raku Scape, steel, raku-fired ceramic

Vine, steel, dyed maple

Where It Grows, steel, raku-fired ceramic

Willcox Update and a Giveaway Winner

Many, many thanks to all who made a donation to help Kimberly Willcox rebuild her studio – although my giveaway has ended, donations are still being accepted and I encourage you to continue to spread the word through your blogs, Facebook and Twitter activity – maybe even think about hosting your own giveaway to help Kimberly.

DAM has more than 4,000 daily readers – imagine if everyone gave just one dollar…or two.  It would add up quickly to a significant amount of help. If 50 of you set up your own giveaway…if 100 of you spread the word to your own circle of readers and friends.  Just something to think about.

I spoke to Kimberly yesterday – she was busy sculpting face molds in polymer clay as all of her molds were lost in the fire (the faces are then cast in bronze). She is literally starting from the beginning again and is overwhelmed (in a good way) by the support DAM readers have shown her over the last few days.  Kimberly left this comment on the post about her studio fire:

“Dear fellow artists, friends and Susan…I am so touched by the support and kindness you are showering me with during this difficult time. In the wildest dreams of my creative soul I never visualized myself in this predicament. The vast hole of black charred emptiness will find light…in time…I will rise like a phoenix from the ashes! Thank you…from the bottom of my heart and soul”  Kimberly Willcox

For those who have asked if her sculptures are available for sale, the answer is YES! To inquire about prices and to purchase, you can contact Kimberly directly at kimberlywillcoxart@gmail.com

Here’s the link to my original post and you can make a donation here.

And now…on to the winner!

Congratulations to Annie Hooten!

Annie please send me an email with your address and I will ship your prize package.

Happy Monday!

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