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dryden wells’ ceramic multiples imply movement

I continue to be drawn to sculpture, wall art, tiles and jewelry made with multiples.  There is something about a repetitive form that feels familiar, soothing – almost meditative.


Movement Stack 1, earthenware, slipcast, 5″ x  7″ x  5″

Dryden Wells, who holds a BFA in ceramics and an MFA in ceramics and sculpture, uses multiples and fragments “to create objects that imply movement or the evidence of it.” Organic. Interesting. Cohesive.

Read about his time living and working in China here.

Movement Stack 3, earthenware, slipcast, 15″ x  6″ x 8

Movement Stack 8, earthenware, slipcast,  5″ x  11″ x 8″

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3 Responses to dryden wells’ ceramic multiples imply movement

  1. I LOVE Dryden Wells’ work. The forms are so smoothe and appear to be so simple…one could almost fall into thinking that they are easy to create. Dryden Wells is definitely a ceramist to watch as he continues to evolve.

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