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jasmine matus experiments with a variety of materials

Australian artist Jasmine Matus has transformed empty whipped cream bulb canisters, vintage fondue stick tips, silver, felt, perspex and book pages into a collection of conversation-starting jewelry.

[nonmember]This archived post is for Members Only. Click here to become a member or to get a one day pass. If you are a member, please login to view the post. [/nonmember] [private_archives]The whipped cream bulb canister and fondue stick tip brooches seem to be looking out at us, questioning and curious – nicely done.

Moon Flowers, 925 silver, vintage fondue stick tips


“I appreciate the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi and Sabi that is centered on the acceptance of transience. It implies that beauty is imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. This tenant is never far from mind when making and viewing art.”

Moon Flowers, 925 silver, empty whipped cream bulb canisters

Turkana Reappraisal, neck book 999 & 925 silver, photo book of Africa,
powder-coated brass, magnet

Matus created Turkana Reappraisal by layering pages from a book of photographs of Africa. The neck book references an African style neckpiece historically made with layers of leather and strands of beads. The images used in Matus’ neck book “directly reference the people, the land and the colour that the traditional piece is from.”

She hand cuts each layer slightly smaller than the preceding layer, holding them together with a fine silver clasp at the back which she has soldered and capped onto the pages of the book.  This holds them in place, not only to secure the jewelry, but to allow for the ‘pages’ to be opened to view the images of Africa. More images and information about this neck book here.

Work in progress pictures – circles of different sizes cut from maps and then strung together will create an undulating, wavelike necklace

“Much of my work is experimental in terms of materials and techniques used, scale and concepts applied. It is this constant experimentation that opens up doors for new possibilities of making. I admire jewellery that causes a reaction. Not only with the work that I create but also with the jewellery that I wear, view and collect.”

Matus has a new Etsy shop – a version of the Moon Flower brooch is available there.

Perspex and silver bracelets here – I like her layered interpretation of the bracelet form. [/private_archives]

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