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danielle bodine’s paper covered baskets and news from damuse

Danielle Bodine uses traditional basket techniques and found objects to create the lush, paper covered basket forms seen here. Bodine, a textile artist for 30 years, casts paper on the baskets then adds texture by stitching, collaging and burning with a wood burning tool.

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Schroon Lake Melody, 36″ x 7″ x 6″
Mulberry papers cast on basket, removed and reformed into instrument shape.
Painted, printed, and collaged with prints.
Cane, screws, waxed linen attached.

Song of Flight, 19″ x 5″ x 4″,
mulberry papers, Japanese clippers, waxed linen

Mio’s Song, 43″ x 7″ x 3 ”
cast mulberry papers on bamboo basket, plastic gas funnel, and coiled basket, metal clippers, tool, screws, waxed linen


Images from Jane Sauer Gallery.  See more of Bodine’s baskets there.

Coming soon from daMuse

When I write about an artist I try to make sure there is a central location to send readers – a place where you can see the full body of work, learn more about the artist behind the art, discover where the work is being shown, get all the latest news…and more.

I came across an image of Bodine’s sculptural baskets during my daily research for DAM and knew immediately that I wanted to share her work, but I couldn’t find a website for the artist. A little digging came up with individual images on different sites and a few galleries showing small collections of the work, an article about her (beautiful) home and a reference to a workshop she taught.

In the end, the images of Bodine’s work on the Jane Sauer Gallery website were compelling enough for me to share with DAM readers (nice job Jane!), but I still wanted to know more, see more, learn more…and so do customers, collectors, galleries and prospective students.

I am getting ready to launch a new service to help artists develop a better web presence. If you are selling your art or are thinking of selling your art, a solid web identity is an important part of a good marketing strategy. Does this feel like an overwhelming, daunting task? Don’t worry – daMuse is here to help!

Whether you have a website that needs a makeover or are just beginning to think about a website design, watch this space for more information…coming soon.


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8 Responses to danielle bodine’s paper covered baskets and news from damuse

  1. Sounds like a great service that many artists really need, including myself! I look forward to seeing what you have to offer.

    You are a daily inspiration. Keep up the good work!

  2. Amazing work! I love the Clipper” handles!
    Your blog is really slick and full of useful information! KUDOS! BTW, I am still trying to build my web-site! =( I can’t wait to read more!

  3. Meee Too! i have been getting daily art muse for 2 yrs. now and always look foward to it..never boring, never so full of advertizing that i dont want to be bothered! i desperately need help w/website design as well. As artists we dont have loads of free hours to work on website;or worse programming; we want to be creating our art. I cant afford alot but would be grateful for the help. please contact me when you get this underway. Again, thankyou for dailyartmuse it is a daily JOY! Myra Erickson

  4. Susan, I look forward to hearing more about your web design project. I have some wonderful domain names and a Network Solutions account, but can’t get past the first few steps in making my page, even though I used to do it back in the old days.

    I am wondering what you will charge for this service. NS (above) is reasonable, but too high for me…a retiree on wee income and not selling much art right now.

    Put me on your mailing list, ok? thanks for your very interesting blog…I look forward to it each day. Shroon Lake baskets are fabulous. Susan Holland

  5. Susan – when you publish the help for creating or making-over a website design, you will be my Fairy Godmother!!
    Currently, I’ve been selling my jewelry by word-of-mouth, and have had a couple of “Jewelry-sale/open-houses.” And yes, the idea of creating a web-presence is certainly daunting – I don’t even know where to start! Even so, I know this should be my next step, and I want to do it correctly.
    This will be so helpful, I can hardly wait – if you could see me now, picture me jumping up & down with anticipation, excitement, and appreciation! Woo-hoo!!

  6. Wow Susan – that sounds like a wonderful idea and it would be so helpful to so many. Oftentimes hard for us right-brainers to get the left brain engaged too and we often just ignore the business end of things. Loooking forward to what you’ve come up with. Thanks!

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