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keri straka: nesting, growth and intimacy

Ceramic artist Keri Straka explores the relationships of nesting, growth and intimacy.

The work touched something in me as I continue my own personal reflections on the same themes, particularly the Infectious Embellishments Series, from her Large Works collection (#2 is pictured below).


Sponge, 4″ x 5″ x 4″

An assistant professor of art/ceramics at Framingham State College, Straka uses saturated colors and surface embellishments to imply protection. “I am looking for the push & pull relationship found with a seductive yet slightly menacing¬†or decayed surface. The relationship of various parts of the forms, suggest nesting, growth and the nature of parasitic relationships.”

Infectious Embellishment #2, 62″ x 12″ x 12″

The artist, who holds a BFA from Western Washington University and an MFA from Mass Art, uses the coil and pinch method for constructing the hollow forms, which are fired multiple times as she builds up the surface treatment and saturated colors.

Longing, 12″ x 11″

“I am interested in pushing the relatedness of the human body and the natural world, as one entity.¬† I am drawn to the poetic resonance of connecting human tissue and form to biological and geological forces.”


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