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elizabeth ryland mears: flameworked twigs and sculpture

When I found Elizabeth Ryland Mears’ flameworked glass twig bundles and sculptures they resonated with a place deep inside. And so timely, my discovery of Mears’ work.

For the last two weeks I have been gathering and collecting bits and pieces of tree branches, bark, pebbles – thinking about how these fragments are as beautiful as the whole – more about that soon.

Bowl, Glass, Flameworked, Sandblasted, Wood, 5″h x 12″w x 12″d

Legend Conferred
Glass, Flameworked, Sandblasted, Steel, Sand, Lusters, 8″h x 12″w x 12″d

The award winning artist’s creations “reflect her relationships to her inner and her outer worlds and use nature as the theme to express those relationships.”

Large Bundle of Twigs with Knitted Copper Wrap Detail
Glass, Flameworked, Sandblasted, Waxed Linen, Lusters, Copper, Steel
6″h x 26″w x 5″d

There are several collaborative pieces in the collection – Mears creates the glass and her daughter, L. Lindsay Mears, adds imagery and poetry. A beautiful combination. I read this poem and felt a deep calm – a gift for all who read it and understand.

The Great Wandering


by L. Lindsey Mears

Here is the Great Wandering
Lone vine pouring from oak into air

Dark hours reaching into dawn

Salt scents floating over vast waters

The sweet breathing of flowers

The Universe opening in quiet moments

Horizontal Bundle of Twigs in Knitted Sling
Glass, Flameworked, Sandblasted, Waxed Linen, Lusters, Silver, Steel
8″h x 24″w x 9″d

Legends Bequeathed Detail Glass
Flameworked, Sandblasted, Waxed Linen, Lusters, Copper, Steel, 30″h x 9 “

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2 Responses to elizabeth ryland mears: flameworked twigs and sculpture

  1. Thanks for the positive comments…as artists we work hard to interpret our world (whatever that is) and create objects that have meaning for us as the creators. It is poignant to me as an artist to learn that I have touched someone totally unknown to me through the work I have created. The collaboration with my daughter was special, as I believe she has great insight. Now she is an artist in her own right creating art books, prints, and assemblages, and I continue working with glass.

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