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gosia’s polymer portraits and boxes

Illustrations, three dimensional polymer clay portraits and a charming array of polymer jewelry boxes make up the portfolio of Toronto artist Gosia.

The young artist, who was born in Poland, has lived in Canada since she was 12 years old and she has been making art almost as long.  There is a certain quiet calm that emanates from art that captures the closed eyes of a sleeping figure.  Shhhhh….

Knot In The Belly

Polymer clay jewelry boxes – click on the image to see these close up

Hedge Hog box, polymer clay

Gosia in her booth at a show in 2009
Click on this picture to see it large and get a good look at the work

Even her business card holder is charming

Sleepy heads…shhhhhhhh…

Polymer jewelry box closed

Polymer box, open

Gosia’s Etsy Shop

You can find more on her blog here.

Gosia’s Flickr pictures



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  1. My browser kept going to your old page with this on front. I was reading yesterday on Polymer Clay Daily that you posted about a artist that she was featuring and i *CLiCKeD* on the link and it brought me over to your NEW page! I thought something had happened to you. Goodness, i am so happy to see that all is well and now i have to forward from here just to catch up on all! Thankfully it will be a much missed and a pleasant journey. Love the new LoOK and am tickled to find all is well.


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