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sharon church: death and renewal

Bone, horn and wood, materials that were once alive and are now dead, find new life as Sharon Church carves them into forms inspired by nature.


Forgotten Corsage

Church, Professor of Crafts in The College of Art and Design at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, combines the carvings with forged metal elements. With her jewelry, she “seeks to embody shimmering beauty along with its dark, damp and mysterious underpinnings”.

Snake Leaf Brooch


Scatter Pin


“Forged metal elements lend a different kind of life force to the work. The rhythmic pounding of the metal spreads life like a heartbeat into elements that support and structure the work. Together, the carved and forged forms embody a symbolic language of growth and decay, death and renewal – timeless images that are at once tender and powerful.”

Read this interview with Church on how creative thought works.

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