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janos gabor varga shares process and progress

There is much to be gained when we witness an artist’s process of making. Janos Gabor Varga generously shares his process with us in these photos of a few of the forged metal rings in his collection. There are several hundred pictures on his Flickr site (don’t miss the Poison and Container Ring series) and website. His journey to the artist’s life is a good read too.

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Nail Ring

Iron Cube Experiment

Threads Ring

Posh Ring

Hatch Ring

Donzella Ring

Open Ring

“In my jewellery I recall desire and power. I want to give you the same feeling, like the little child feels, when he buckles on his plastic sword, and he thinks that he is powerful. That is a serious thing! It is natural, and we never outgrow it, at best we might deny it. But we are big guys/girls now, we are not allowed to do that anymore… Still, art often gives you similar power just simple with colors, shapes, voices. If you can wear these artifacts, I call them amulets, and that power will stay with you all the day, every day.” Janos Gabor Varga


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