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lilliana glenn’s flameworked beads

Lilliana Glenn works out of a home studio in Massachusetts creating flameworked glass beads, vessels and jewelry. Glenn says that she feels like a choreographer when she works with glass and she likes that the material has some control over the dance: “The glass surprises me sometimes in ways that influence my thinking and make me a better artist – an artist who speaks the language of the glass but never speaks for the glass.”

A River Runs Through

Russian Scarf Vessel

White Berry Seed Necklace


Constellation Vessel

Reef Jewel Necklace

Stairs To Heaven

Lilliana Glenn on the web:

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4 Responses to lilliana glenn’s flameworked beads

  1. I remember that show, Lisa 🙂
    and I remember coming back to your booth again and again because I couldn’t get enough wonderful energy from you and your work 🙂 Thank you for your note. Hope to see you soon.

    Hi Linda 🙂
    Miss ya! xoxox

    Susan, thank you very much for featuring my work. I’m thrilled to know about your project and your cause as I value excellence in craft/art world tremendously. This community is an ongoing resource for inspiration and motivation, hard work and discovery, comradery and empathy. I’m thrilled to be a part of it – thank you 🙂

  2. I took a class from Liliana about a year & a half ago. It was GREAT!!! Liliana is an awesome teacher. Though the students in the class ranged from having no lampworking experience to a professional lampworker, Liliana was able to tailor all of her demos so that each student received valuable information. Liliana is sweet & patient & knowledgeable & FUNNY. I had so much fun & came away with a lot more confidence in my lampworking abilities, some great techniques on how Lilana makes her wonderful creations, & new friends. The Snow Farm facility is wonderful. The setting is gorgeous (especially in October), the staff is warm & helpful, & the food is great. Talking with students who were in some of the other classes that week (mosaics, glass blowing, tiles, & watercolor), everyone loved their teachers & were having a great time. I’d go back in a flash!! Liliana’s glass creations are beautiful***

  3. I met Lilliana at a not very well attended craft show where we were both manning booths – the event happened to coincide with the first perfect day of late spring – a long awaited treat in Massachusetts. It gave me the opportunity to chat a little and examine her beautiful work. She’s as pleasant and charming as she is talented. Congratulations on the nice write=up Lilliana! Thanks to Daily Art Muse for consistently introducing amazing artists.

  4. I have taken a week long class by Liliana at Snow Farm’s summer craft program in western Mass. She is very talented, is exceeding smart and a truly delightful person. She sent me into fits of laughter several times each day! I learned so much from her about heat control. I found that she’s a little shy about marketing, and as a collector I feel that she’s not charging enough for her beads. So head over to her website and start shopping! Better yet, go check out her class schedule and sign up! Snow Farm rocks!

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