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chama navarro’s polymer

Berries and mushrooms found on the forest floor were the inspiration for this flexible bracelet and necklace made by Spain’s Chama Navarro. The flexibility of polymer covered wire allows the pieces to be worn in different ways – short, long, twisted or winding down the neck.

FFFFlex Necklace, polymer, wire

FFFlex Bracelet, polymer, wire

FFFlex Necklace, detail

Navarro also puts her own spin on polymer and stainless steel thread bobbins – a technique introduced by Seattle artist Cynthia Toops a few years ago.

Bobbins, polymer clay

Urban Gardens Ring and Earrings

Her over-the-top polymer collar using Maggie Maggio’s watercolor technique is another example of work that pays homage to the artist who originated the idea while allowing Navarro’s style to shine through.

Polymer clay collar – watercolor technique

I don’t speak Spanish, Google’s translation tool is not always reliable and this glimpse (below) of the Urban Gardens necklace left me wanting more. I couldn’t find a picture of the whole necklace – if you’ve seen it, let us know!

Urban Gardens, polymer clay and…?

Navarro also works with glass.

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