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never ending story and a question for you

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I have quite a bit of tidying up to do, both virtual and real life (and that’s the never ending story…), so instead of a regular post on DAM today I will be posting lots of art related links on the Daily Art Muse Facebook Page while I tidy up here.  Back to my regular posting tomorrow.

As for my virtual cleaning – I’ve been made aware that the Categories box on DAM is being finicky again.  I’m working on a permanent fix for it, but I would like to know if it is currently working for anyone.  The mystery is that it works for me – but not for everyone.  It would be very helpful if you would leave a comment telling me if it brings you to the correct posts when you click on a category or if it brings you back to the blog’s home page (and let me know what browser you are using).  Thanks for your help – hope to see you over on Facebook!

Never Ending Story, by peggyhr on Flickr


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4 Responses to never ending story and a question for you

  1. I deactivated a few of the plugins. Some of them wouldn’t play nice with the template. Seems to be working fine for everyone now that they are gone. One of the things I had to get rid of was attached to a new feature I was getting ready to unveil. Looks like I know what I will be doing this weekend – must come up with Plan B!

  2. Categories is running right for me, too. I’m using Google Chrome.
    I’ll take this opportunity to thank you for the work you put into this site. Just love getting the inspiration every day.

  3. Categories options don’t work for me; I’m just returned to the home page as if no request had been made.

    Running Firefox 3.6.3

    Wishing you serenity and space to think things through,


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