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jennaca leigh davies: paper, tyvek, metal jewelry

After receiving a degree in architecture in 2000, Jennaca Leigh Davies worked as an architect while she went back to school to complete her MFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing. The artist graduated in 2007 and her designs combine a fascination with the geometry of nature and a love of architectural details. Materials include Tyvek, laser cut paper and enameled copper. I find it endlessly interesting to watch how she translates similar designs into each of the materials she uses.

Rings, Tyvek

Bracelet, laser cut paper

Pendants, enameled copper, sterling silver chain

Rings, Tyvek, sterling silver

Paper Study II

Pendants, enameled copper, sterling silver chain

Spiral Earrings, laser cut paper, sterling silver

“The work I make is meant to be worn, but I also intend for it to be an interesting object when off the body. I think of my jewelry as small sculptures or miniature architecture, and the body, as my canvas.” Jennaca Leigh Davies


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