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gale scott’s glass and copper cages

While researching yesterday’s post I discovered Gale Scott and was instantly drawn to this Cage Series of vessels on his website.

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Cage 25, copper, glass

Scott, who has a BFA in Metals and an MFA in Glass, blows hot glass into electroformed copper shells, causing the glass to slump into the copper grids.

Verdant, copper, glass

At first glance, it seems as if we reached out and touched them we would be met with soft, billowy, quilted fabric, but looks can be deceiving, yes? See many more of these vessels at Chappell Gallery.

Culcitta II, copper, glass


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4 Responses to gale scott’s glass and copper cages

  1. causing the glass to ‘slump’ into the copper grids.
    nit picking comment…
    Hi Susan its all in the blowing, no slumping here, we are called blowers, slumpers called slumpers, theres a huge dollar/training/experience, difference, I am inspired by this work, thank you for publishing. Wayne (a glass blower person)

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