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kinetic objects: claudio pino’s rings

Today we return to our discovery of kinetic art objects with Claudio Pino’s complex kinetic rings. Born and raised in Chile, Pino now calls Canada home as he transforms raw materials including 18k gold, silver, precious stones and pearls into miniature sculptures that turn, whirl and spin.  The rings are reminiscent of globes spinning on axes, planets circling the sun or mechanical worlds with robotic blooms…


Infinities, Kinetic Ring, 14k Gold, Sterling Silver, Diamonds, Moonstsone, Ruby,
Best in Show 2009, Metal Arts Guild of Canada Steel Trophy Award

Representing a drop of water floating freely in space, the central Moonstone in Infinities, shown above, pivots 360 degrees in six directions.

Magnificence Stellaire, see description below

Magnificence Stellaire, detail

Magnificence Stellaire is a kinetic ring that represents a celestial system in motion. It was inspired by the immensity of the starry sky in the farthest reaches of the northern hemisphere. A sky that unifies all the provinces of Canada. The central stone, a black opal, portrays the aurora borealis with colorful and turbulent wisps of air in the vibrant darkness of the night. The stone rotates 360 degrees, thanks to a carefully designed and complex mechanism. This system also consists of various elements, including eight white freshwater pearls which symbolize the lunar phases. On the sides of the ring, several golden drops shimmer tracing the magnificence of the Milky Way. It also features moonstones that epitomize the black holes of our universe. This sculptural ring was designed after considerable reflection on the subjects of Unity and Diversity. It represents not only the magnitude of the sky but also the importance of each different element of our system. A vast sky, which unites us all despite the great distances that separate us.” Claudio Pino

Mystical Flowering, Kinetic Ring,
14K Gold, Opal, Diamonds, Tanzanites, Tahiti Pearls, Fresh water pearls

“The importance of jewellery in history fascinates and inspires me. Having a gem connected to one’s own body movements and having it associated with one’s personal appearance is a subject of investigation in itself. In 2000, I began a series of kinetic rings, where, just like a guardian angel, a gemstone watches over its owner. The rings mechanically follow the movements of the body in many small and complex ways.” Claudio Pino


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