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kinetic objects: angela fung slides her way to success

Angela Fung’s kinetic jewelry collection includes rings that spin and slide, pendants that glide and bracelets that fold. The rest of her portfolio boasts not-quite-kinetic jewelry that looks like it might spring right off of your body. All appeal to the fidgety, restless side of me.


Fold Bracelet, silver, stainless steel

Slide Ring, titanium, 18kt gold rivets, blue topaz

Spin Ring, gold, platinum, diamond

Fung’s engagement rings with diamonds that spin in their settings are interesting – but wouldn’t you be afraid of what might happen if the pin that holds the diamond in there became compromised? Worrying about that would be enough to make me fidget!

Glide Ring, stainless steel, 18kt gold rivets, garnet

Fold Necklace, stainless steel, silver

“Angela has always been drawn to movement, interaction between jewellery and wearer. The function, adaptability and an element of surprise play a very important role in her designs.”From the artist’s website


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2 Responses to kinetic objects: angela fung slides her way to success

  1. Hi… great post. Her spinner rings look like they are held in by tension. The ring shank is very thick and has indents that allow the stone points to rest and move.The thickness of the shank is the stabilizer…. it prevents the top from coming apart and losing the stone. Normally, the only time pins are used are on drilled beads and pearls. Love those pieces.

    Steven Kretchmer got this going in the ’90s.
    See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tension_ring for more information.

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