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kinetic objects: hemsley, doremus and taniguchi in motion

kinetic ki·net·ic (kə-nět’ĭk, kī-)
of, relating to, or produced by motion.

Kinetic objects are a continuing source of captivation and joy for me. Get comfortable and be prepared to smile – you are in for a treat this week as we celebrate several artists who create work meant for you to move and meant to move you.


Joanna Hemsley, pendant

There is an element of playfulness in kinetic jewelry that brings out the carefree child in me. We start the week with a jolt of color, a play on words and a few ‘creature’ comforts, beginning with the aptly titled series, ‘Inter{action}’ from England’s Joanna Hemsley. Her large collection of colorful, accordion-like rings, bracelets and necklaces can be worn closed if you are in a quiet mood – but be sure to open the pop-up centers if you are looking to start a conversation.

Joanna Hemsley, bracelet, ring

Joanna Hemsley, ring


“I am intrigued by creation and the beginning of life; plant shoots breaking through concrete, and creating a pocket of life from nothing. I am also inspired by the magic of pop-up and the playful transformation of three dimensional forms growing from a flat plane before disappearing again.” Joanna Hemsley

I find it impossible to look at Sarah Doremus’ kinetic jewelry without laughing out loud. She skillfully plays with us, plays with words, and laughs with us at our human limitations.  Love it.

Sarah Doremus, Self Congratulatory Ring


Sarah Doremus, Self Fanning Ring


Sarah Doremus, Queen Elizabeth Wave Ring


“I like to use my work to create a sort of tongue in cheek play on the human condition. Using words, puns or expressions in combination with physical representation of form I want to poke fun at our collective angst-ridden human condition: Not to minimize or diminish its impact but rather put it in perspective and by doing so remove the perceived anxiety; Basically, to render it impotent.” Sarah Doremus

Japanese born Rie Taniguchi makes lighthearted articulated pins, rings, pendants and objects. Some do double duty, all bring smiles. Taniguchi’s site has an extensive portfolio dating back to 1995. Spend some time browsing through the archives to see many more gems.

Rie Taniguchi, Peagons

Rie Taniguchi, Penguin Chick Pin and Pendant

Rie Taniguchi, Donkis

Rie Taniguchi, Donkis Dismantled


Rie Taniguchi, Fairy Pin


“She finds jewellery and poetry have a similar essence. They are both small and concentrated, so that can be carried with you mentally and physically. They are full of metaphor and very personal.” From Rie Taniguchi’s Website

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Later this week kinetic meets geometry meets industrial meets…you. And Synergy2, Part2 (nope, I didn’t forget – and here’s Synergy2 Part1 in case you missed it).  Time for me to go play – see you soon!

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