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nikon’s small world is teeming with inspiration

If you have been following Daily Art Muse for awhile, you may remember past posts about the inspiration we can find for our art through photomicrography – specifically  Nikon’s Small World photography contest [if not, you can find earlier posts here and here].

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Gerd A. Guenther, Düsseldorf, Germany
Sonchus asper (spiny sowthistle) flower stem section (150x)


Viktor Sykora, Institute of Pathophysiology, First Medical Faculty,
Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, Lichen (10x)


Tong Zhang, McGill University,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada, African clawed frog tadpole (10x)


The 2009 contest offered up more exciting images of life through the lens of a light microscope. While you are on their site, you might want to look at the archives – 35 years worth of images. And here is a gallery of images that I haven’t seen before – the Nikon MicroscopyU Digital Eclipse Image Gallery. Lots of inspiration there too – below are two of my favorites.


Larva blood vessels



Squash bug mouth parts magnified 40x



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