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alice simpson: portrait of the artist as…

Look closely at these whimsical busts by sculptor and book artist Alice Simpson. She’s got a grand sense of humor but the art is seriously good.  Each of these new sculptures are self portraits of the artist inspired by historical figures, history or great works of art.



The Great Wave, partially glazed stoneware, 9″ x 6″ x 5″




Inspired by the print, The Great Wave Off Kanagawa, by Kastushika Hokusai



Sarah Palin

In 2007 I wrote about Simpson’s Abundant Beauty collection of clay sculpture portraits. She just keeps getting better. You can find her whole portfolio – which includes figurative clay sculptures that range from operatic characters to ballroom and tango dancers in addition to her handcrafted artist books – on her website.



Marie Antoinette, partially glazed stoneware, 11″ x 6″ x 6″


“Imagining myself, as the whim touches my imagination…from history, fantasy, art and style.” Alice Simpson

Oh, what a wonderful imagination – now I want to see Simpson make a self portrait for her Hip Hop series – figures from the New York Hip Hop scene.

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5 Responses to alice simpson: portrait of the artist as…

  1. Thanks to Statcounter, I know that so many of Susan’s followers on Daily Art Muse from all over the world have visited my website. While I don’t know your names, I wish you would take a moment and write to me, sometime. Let me know what you like, what you think; have a conversation. Your input means a great deal.

  2. I am heading off to the studio to see my latest work just out of the fire, which comes as a result of your musings, Susan.
    “Portrait of the Artist As Alice in WonDaLand,” was your idea, whispered, oh-so-gently, in my ear.
    As soon as a photo is available, I’ll share this new work.

  3. What a wonderful suggestion from The Daily Muse;
    “Portrait of the Artist As… a Hip Hop Rapper.”
    That will be added to my To-Do List!
    I’ll need a hip rap name;
    “Alice in WonDaLand”?

    You are definitely a muse!

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