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bruce mau’s incomplete manifesto for growth

I’m switching it up a bit today.  Take a break from the visual feast you usually find here and read Bruce Mau’s Incomplete Manifesto For Growth. In 1998 Mau, a design visionary and global innovator, wrote a document that consolidated his beliefs, strategies and motivations –  43 ideas and suggestions that he and his design team use as they approach every project.  I’m sure you’ve heard some of them before, but they are so good that they are worth repeating often.

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Here are three that resonated with me today:

#9. Begin anywhere. John Cage tells us that not knowing where to begin is a common form of paralysis. His advice: begin anywhere.

#28. Make new words. Expand the lexicon. The new conditions demand a new way of thinking. The thinking demands new forms of expression. The expression generates new conditions.

#39. Coffee breaks, cab rides, green rooms. Real growth often happens outside of where we intend it to, in the interstitial spaces – what Dr. Seuss calls “the waiting place.”

Read the rest of them here.  Which ones got your attention today?

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