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courtney starrett: rubberMADE

Courtney Starrett hopes her work will make you think about the social standards that drive many of our behaviors and how those standards came to be. While I am always curious about an artist’s intention regarding their work, I am also aware that as viewer and wearer, our interpretation is often markedly different than what the artist intended.



The Sociable Choice, bracelet, silicone rubber and grommets

Starrett’s RubberMADE collection of silicone rubber and sterling silver jewelry doesn’t make me think about social standards.  It simply makes me want to take a big, juicy bite out of life.  I see sexy shapes, delicious colors and art that begs to be touched.  Just a little.  Maybe a lot.


The Sociable Choice, bracelet, silicone rubber and grommets


You Don’t Have To Be, ring, silicone, sterling silver


Instant Corsage, neckpiece silicone rubber, sterling silver and magnets


Domestic Goddess, neckpiece, silicone rubber and grommets

Starrett, who earned an MFA from the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, is an assistant professor of metals/jewelry at Winthrop University in South Carolina.  Read more about her and the inspiration behind RubberMADE  here.

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3 Responses to courtney starrett: rubberMADE

  1. Your work has very much a touchable presence to it.I love the colors and the texture it has. I have seen some objects using your material but I like yours better and far more artistic. Keep up the good work . Lynn W

  2. Just to tell Courtney that her work is absolutely gorgeous and totally sends us to the domain of the natural sciences, excluding man. If she wants to send a message relating to the one mentionned here, better to paint, or go into songwriting. People will want to touch your work, as it says above, but that does not send any message except that – touch me, I’m an interesting texture!
    Good luck Courtney, you work is stunning!

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