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mia pearlman is in flux (and an announcement from damuse)

Lately chaos rules my days, so maybe that’s why New Yorker Mia Pearlman was able to pull me right in to the eye of her paper storm. Pearlman, a graduate of the acclaimed LaGuardia High School (studio art) and Cornell University (painting), creates the intricate paper cuts intuitively onsite – I think it adds to the authenticity of the wind tunnel, cyclone-ish, tornado-like, paper-cut installations.



I don’t make sketches or design the installations ahead of time—it all happens on site. In advance I will take photos of the space, which I hang in the studio, and get the dimensions of the walls and ceiling. By the time I do the install I usually have some idea of what I’ll do, but it always turns out different than I imagined.

See more of Pearlman’s process here.


A video on the artist’s website homepage lets you listen in as she speaks about her work. I found it interesting to hear how she started out moving towards something and then one small shift unexpectedly led her in an entirely different direction.


I am interested in those moments in which its impossible to tell if a form is contracting or expanding, coming or going, etc. The ambiguity of form, the fact that everything in life is in flux, that we are not really in control although we might like to believe so, the constancy of change—the ephemeral form of the work reflects the ideas within.


Read an interview with the artist at The Open End.


Announcement from DaMuse!

Come back in a little while when I will announce the three winners from the blog giveaway.  If you haven’t entered yet, but you want to – it’s not too late. I am extending the deadline until 11 am EST and I will post the winners at noon (check the “Latest Posts” category). Details to enter here.

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