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happy birthday damuse – time for a giveaway!

October 3rd was Daily Art Muse’s 3rd birthday!  Thank you for supporting DaMuse through your comments, emails and daily visits.

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New here? Read how Daily Art Muse got its start.


Fir..(on a LONG break) on Flickr

It’s the weekend, so let’s have a party! Presents, love and chocolate are welcome.  In honor of the blog turning THREE, I also have THREE gifts to give away – here’s the scoop on how you can join the party:

Love DaMuse? Show the love!

Has DaMuse helped you find inspiration, a new piece of art for your collection or simply a lovely way to start your day? Here are two great ways for you to celebrate DaMuse, help me grow the readership or contribute to the cost of maintaining this labor of love:


Blog Birthday Giveaway!


In honor of DaMuse’s birthday, I have 3 gifts – one each for 3 different winners – which means 3 chances for you to win.  The 3 gifts are:

  • Free advertising space for one month on DAM(150 x 150 px)
  • A collection of 3 books (see pics above) – these are brand new from Interweave Press and Watson-Guptill
  • A seat at either Tim McCreight’s or Sheri Gaynor’s Craftcast Masterclass next week (winner gets to choose which class)
  • Wow…nice!

    mc_tim mc_sherri

    The contest will close on Monday October 12, 2009, 9 am EST.  Good luck!

    Here’s how to enter (please read carefully):


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    121 Responses to happy birthday damuse – time for a giveaway!

    1. I love the blog, I can’t wait for your next e-mail to hit my box. And my preview window is never big enough. Thanks for all the hard work, thanks for all the wonderful inspiration!

      Happy Birthday.

    2. Oh Boy!! I have been loving the craftcast and daily art muse inspiration now for months! Thank you SO much for keeping me connected to my true joy, making things..little and big and good and bad and really all about just creating. I especially have enjoyed faux bone and copper lately. Cool stuff. Great site, great links. Hooray for the daily art muse! hooray!

    3. I’ve recently started taking my art more seriously, starting to get things together for a small business. In the middle of nowhere with little support and Your blog has been full of inspiration and support. I truly am grateful for all you share!

    4. Wow! Congratulations on the big bithday and what a great way celebrate with give aways. Books, master classes, advertising space are all ways to stretch, grow and network. I love your site and will post it on my blog to spread the word. Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

    5. Hi Susan.
      Happy Blog Birthday! Love reading DAM–very inspirational. For some reason, what I really like is the “tidbits” area off to the side, little pictures of groovy things.

    6. Every Monday thru Friday I wait until about 11am or so to open yur site (you sleepy head you must be a west coaster). How I have enjoyed your sites. I started making “art” less than 2 years ago. Your inspirations have helped me tremendously.

      Much love

    7. Hi from one Susan to another. I check out daMuse every day and got off on some lovely explorations. There is so much inspirational work out there and you bring it to me in one easy slice. Thank you so much


    8. Yahoo, I love giveaway’s and Daily Art Muse. What inspirations and wonderful artistians,WOW. Happy Birthday Susan and DaMuse. Somany lives are enriched because of you. the anticipation to get to my computer and get to your site is overwhelming @ times I can’t hardly contain myself. A creative block can’t live within me when my eyes feast upon the treasures you find and share.The things I discover thru your eyes are awesome and sends my senses on overload to absorb every delicious treasure and the artists that make them. You and your blog are priceless and the impression you leave upon my creative soul is amazing to say the least.I work in polymer clay and have thoughts of exploring PMC to enhance my creations.I have seen so many more artists and their treasures they make. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart for all your hard work in finding and sharing. Thanks too for all the sites,artists,and treasures you find and bring to us to see. Ones I would have missed on my own. Since I am new to the computer and the internet. God Bless and keep up the Great work you are doing to make my day a wonderful day. Lynn

    9. Please note here, if you have not read the above story about how DaMuse got started, please go back up to the top of the page and *CLiCK* onto it… it will again move and inspire you…again…

      *¸.•*´¨)* HAPpY♥BiRTHDaY♥DaMuse!!!*(¯`’•.¸*

    10. *¸.•*´¨)* HAPpY♥BiRTHDaY♥DaMuse!!!*(¯`’•.¸*

      This is hard, i am wanting to win the class for my daughter who just starting learning Metal Smithing and jewelry making. She works in silver, metal, polymer.

      We are WiNNeRs to be part of this great site.

      My medium is polymer, fabric, metals, geeze almost anything i can get my hands on to create. I prefer to sculpt in miniature.

      Thank you Alis♥n for your kind donation! L♥ve your site also.

    11. *¸.•*´¨)* HAPpY♥BiRTHDaY♥DaMuse!!!*(¯`’•.¸*

      Y♥u have iNSPiRED Me over the years by highlighting so many other talented ArTiSTs in so many different mediums.

      I L♥Ve this site!

      Y♥u have shown us all…

      IF y♥u can DReAM iT…

      Y♥u CAN CReATe iT…

      iN Oh, so many ways!

      Thank y♥u so much Sus♥n, for all the sharing and for all that y♥u do to enlighten and inspire the ArTiST and creator in each one of us.

      (¯`’•.¸* ♥ LeT’s ♥ CELeBRATe!♥ *¸.•’´¯)

    12. My love for metal clay has led me into the world of mixed media. I am constanly challenged by designing pieces that incorporate metal smithing skills, cold connections, found objects and plastics.

    13. I am a jewelry artist and love coming up with new ideas to surprise my “audience” and tempt those too shy to wear my OUTRAGEOUS designs.I especially love getting excited about new techniques. After all, what’s a little missed sleep.

    14. Happy Birthday and thank you for that bit of sunshine that you bring to each of my days. It’s always a treat to see what you’ve come up with and a mystery as to how you keep it up. Best wishes for a very lengthy future of creative sharing.

    15. I love all of the inspiration that I get from DaMuse, it’s shown me so many wonderful sites that I would not have known about if not for DaMuse. Thanks so much for all of your time and effort.

    16. Yeah happy blog birthday!! I looove this site. I appreciate all the work you put into it so much. I love having a the inspiration brought right to me and I share it with my local craft guilds and anyone else who will listen

    17. Happy Birthday, I wish you and DaMuse many more. I love your blog and have been lurking here for as long as you have been around. Thanks for all the inspiration.

    18. The art you post at DaMuse is amazing. There’s so much talent out there. I wish more people would pay more attention to art in this country. it would give them a break from thier troubles. Artists are so insightful. Thanks for all you do and Happy Birthday!

    19. LOL and once again I say happy birthday belatedly…I am a rubber stamper, a paper shaper, and a mixed media crafter!! I would be thrilled to attend either of the classes being given…thanks for having such a nice birthday party~~~

    20. Happy belated birthday DaMUSE!! I found your site, out of curiosity, from a link I clicked on and now every day I wait to see the creativity you have discovered. Thanks for such an inspirational jolt to each day!!!

    21. Happy Birthday! I check out this site everyday to help inspire me through another day in Corporate America :0( …. someday soon I will leave that all behind and I will be playing in my own studio …. party on girl!

    22. This is so wonderful. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this giveaway!

      I am very interested in the Craftcast class with Tim McCreight. Recently I have added to the mediums I work with and now I am doing art jewelry with sterling silver. I have several of Tim’s books and enjoy his work a great deal.

      Thanks again and happy birthday a bit late!

    23. This is funny — *I* was gonna post “supercalifragilasticexpialidocious”, too! Just for a joke, since I don’t have any need for ad space! Darn it, Kathy!!!

    24. Happy Belated Blog Birthday and a Very Merry Un-birthday for every other day of the year!

      Your Blog thrills me every day I open it! The artists you feature and the inspiration they deliver is priceless.

      Thank you from the bottom of my creative soul..

    25. Again, Happy Birthday, and I just wanted you to know that I send out the link to your site at least once a week to many friends and artists I know — I hope it helps you and helps them, too — the posts are too wonderful not to share. I know it’s awakened many of them to things they never imagined, as it has me, and inspired them to greater visions. You can bet I’ll continue to do so! Congrats, again!


    26. Congrats and Happy Birthday, DaMuse!!! And as always, thanks for the chance at great giveaways!

      I work in watercolor, acrylic, mixed media, polymer clay, and most recently, in paper mache (who would have thought it at my age!!).

      Sue O.

    27. I just love 3 my favorite number.
      I was there for your first steps haven’t missed a day except when my computer died on me and even then used the library.

      Can’t live without you and all I discover through you eyes!
      You have opened my world . A big hug and a huge thank you goes with this birthday message to you.

    28. Happy Blog Birthday to one of my favorite sites! I always look forward to seeing what treasure you’ve dredged up — often some of my already found loves, but sometimes an incredible artist new to me, whose work on the web will excite, inspire and enliven my artistic day.

    29. Woo Hoo! I love giveaways!!! I love getting them, I love giving them.

      I know lots of Daily Art Muse readers have taken CRAFTCAST Live Online classes, so it’s my pleasure to be part of the giveaway and celebrate another year of daily inspirations with damuse…(Truly I don’t know how Susan does it!?
      Good luck, and if you don’t win, there is still time to sign up.http://tinyurl.com/nax84m
      Let’s eat cake!

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