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chandra stubbs: porcelain + felt

Good Morning!  Let’s jump start this Monday morning with a bold cross pollination of art forms. Chandra Stubbs combines the structural strength of porcelain and stoneware with the warmth of needle felted wool in her line of wall installations and bowls. An exciting combination of materials – and her use of lines and circles in splashes of contrasting colors works well.



Inner Motion, 18″x18″x6″, bowl, porcelain, hand felted


Porcelain and felt wall installation



Madison, 18″x18″x6″, bowl, porcelain, hand felted


Porcelain and felt wall installation


Stoneware and felt wall hanging


I find the combination of my hand made felt and the porcelain clay very familiar and comforting. The porcelain is hand crafted on the wheel and extruded. The felt is hand made from Merino and Shetland wool with occasional accents of silk.


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